Inspiration abounds in this episode with Joel Eckman Maus who went from working at the local supermarket to running a highly successful photography studio in Fullerton, CA. In this episode he shares what contributed to such rapid growth and what led him to 50+ weddings a year. We also talk about the touchy subject of whether or not you should lower your prices when business is slow.

And about midway through our conversation Joel really opened up with an emotion filled reflection on how grateful he is for his team. It’s moving and inspiring. Please don’t miss this one.

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What we talked about:

  • When it’s necessary, if ever, to lower your prices
  • Balancing work with family life
  • How being nice goes a long way
  • Advantages of having a team

Inspirational moment: 14 min 35 sec

“They seem to like the photos more if they like you, so be nice and your pictures are better.”
Joel Eckman Maus, Photographer
“I did everything myself, but after awhile you just cant keep up, you can’t do that forever.”
Joel Eckman Maus, Photographer


Bio:  Joel is a wedding/portrait photographer and owner of Studio EMP in Fullerton, CA. His work can be seen in Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, Ceremony Magazine and many more.

Studio EMP Website

How we met: I met Joel over a year ago. Victor Sizemore, a fellow photographer and friend of mine, asked me to go to lunch with him and Joel and Joel’s wife in Fullerton. Afterward we stopped by Joel’s studio and I was blown away. Guys it’s one of the nicest studios I’ve ever seen.