Using social media for business can be such a pain. Watch this interview to pick up a few pointers from someone who has over 8000 followers on Instagram. We talk about social media, outsourcing and so much more.

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What we talked about:

  • Instagram for business
  • Outsourcing: Recognizing your weaknesses and hiring other people to do what you’re not good at.
  • Importance of blogging.

Social media breakdown: 16 min 12 sec

“If I’m not growing, I’m failing miserably as a photographer.”
Amy Little, Photographer
“I wasn’t aware of how much work it was when I decided to go full time.”
Amy Little, Photographer
“You work 24/7, I don’t think I’ve had a full-night sleep in 3 years!”
Amy Little, Photographer


Bio:  Amy is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Florida. She is an avid Instagram user and uses Instagram for business.

Amy’s Website

Amy’s Instagram

How we met: I met Amy through Instagram a few months back when she liked one of my photos. I went and looked at her Instagram photos to reciprocate and when I saw how many followers she had, I decided I needed to have her on the show.